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Thursday, 16 August 2012


MISE is an acronym that stands for Mawuenyega International Science Education and was founded in September 2009. It is a registered non-profit science event organization. The MISE Foundation organizes a prestigious four-week summer math enrichment program for mathematically gifted and talented 9th to 11th grade students. It is held annually at the Lincoln Community School in Accra, Ghana. It is a program designed to provide an opportunity for students to enrich and explore the creative world of mathematics in a supportive community of peers, research mathematicians, visiting scientists and business leaders.

2012 Absolute Winner

The MISE Foundation is the initiative of Joel Mawuenyega Dogoe. He began the program as a hobby but upon the advice from friends and family, Joel turned his pastime into an avenue that gives the unique opportunity for participants to pursue their intellectual curiosity while meeting and sharing their interest with others.

Joel with camp administrators Ese and Naa

In achieving its goals, the Foundation identifies, nurtures and mentors the next generation of scientific, technical and business leaders with the use of fun but challenging programs for two groups of students, namely:

  1. Problem solving program (ages 11 to 13) which is a year round, school-based program involving an extra-curricular club program, a competition and a 10-day study camp program
  2. Research Science Program (ages 14-16) which is a four week mathematical science enrichment program for the 9th to 11th grade students who love mathematics and want to explore the creative world of research, business, finance and engineering.

Victor Toboh


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